Input. Output. Leadership.

Business Therapy

A business is like any other system. As it runs, the parts that need attention become apparent. Left unattended, they degrade the efficiency of the whole. Targeted support lifts the entire company. Business therapy can help.

Leadership is an art. It combines gritty experience with visionary skills and ingenuity. But the pressure at the top to work tirelessly and always make the right decision wears down even the most gifted. Where most people have a support system they can turn to, many leaders find that, as they climb the ladder of success, their group of peers shrinks. The pressure to succeed too often eclipses the willingness to seek support.

I offer support for individuals and groups to work through problem-solving, communication barriers and other obstacles. I also support people in getting through the stress of leadership and help them find ways to embody that role more fully and effectively.

Being a manager is a tough job. Balancing pressure from above and below requires skills that many business schools just don’t teach. In essence, management is about keeping the flow going. Keeping people happy and in the flow requires people skills.

I offer managers support individually, in groups and for their teams. I specialize in identifying and facilitating change in group dynamics and communication styles.

Communication is the lifeblood of any company. Whether between company and customer, management and employees or between coworkers, the way we convey ideas and feedback to one another makes a difference. I bring my experience as a therapist, a Motivational Interviewing trainer, a writer and an IT professional to help individuals and teams troubleshoot and rebuild channels of communication.

Culture and Retention
Making the workplace an appealing place to work is complex. The outer trappings — from foosball to facilities — are a good start. But the meat of the issue comes from interpersonal interactions. People who feel respected and valued respond to those things with deeper commitments and more productivity.

I help companies find ways to increase buy-in and identify and fix those things that drive employees to find other jobs. Improve your culture and put the brakes on turnover so you can start focusing on the other things that matter.