Explore Yourself

Why Therapy?

Life can be hard at times. I know all too well from personal experience. And asking for help doesn’t always feel like the natural thing to do. The general belief is that we should just deal with it on our own. But no matter what you’re going through, help is just a phone call away.

People seek help for many reasons. For everything from depression and anxiety to relationship issues to addiction and more, reaching out of the problem and into the solution is the first step. Sometimes we just need someone to talk to so we can process things without having to worry about what friends or family will think.

I help clients with a range of issues, some of which are outlined here.

Men’s Work

The masculine ideal, like the feminine ideal, undermines everyone. No one can live up to it. But if we listen closely and look beneath the surface, there is something hidden in the messages we get from today’s culture. It’s not about being tough or having a perfect body. It’s about being true to ourselves. But to be true to ourselves we have to explore our inner landscapes. Knowing ourselves, both the shadow and the light, is the way to a more fulfilling life.

IT and Other Tech Jobs

Tech jobs are hard. The high rates of depression and anxiety aren’t helped by the intense pressure to perform. And the culture in many companies doesn’t make a lot of space for talking about these issues. After 10 years in IT, I understand the problem. Therapy can help. Get the support you need to stay in the field you love.

Substance Use

There’s often a fine line between substance use and abuse. Only you can know whether drinking, drug use or other behaviors have become a problem. But if you’re questioning it then it’s worth exploring. These habits always have an underlying reason. It’s often based in a search for a more meaningful way of living. Come explore.


Relationship is one of the most fulfilling parts of life. And like so many other fulfilling things, it is hard work at times. The average amount of time people wait before seeking relationship help is seven years. By then the connection is hard to salvage. Sorting through the good and bad takes skills that we don’t always learn in other parts of life. Whether your connection is new or you’ve been together for years, get the help you need to learn how to grow in your relationship without growing apart.

Depression and Anxiety

Research is starting to show that depression is a natural state where we pause to make sense of things that have happened. Whether that is changes in work, relationships, losses, traumas or other issues, there are ways to facilitate the process. Life’s difficulties are often filled with lessons for us. The help you need to get through is available.